Thursday, November 23, 2006

Archipelago Crafts - the result

After a number of working hours a number of boots and bags were produced, in various styles and sizes. Leather and pelts of various kind was used, but the base was seal skin. Traditionally here, the sole of seal skin boots was made by horse skin, with the hairy side out for better grip. The seal skin was then not tanned, just scraped and dried.

Neather is the Inuit way of preparing seal skin proper tanning, but instead the skin is softened physically, by chewing or by using a tool.

The old people in the archipelago still remember how they used to make their own boots. They were warm, and if treated with tar water on the inside, they were quite water resistant too. It seems that the women deserted the seal boots before the men did. Maybe sealskin shoes were too rustic and old-fashioned - girls wanted something more modern and fancy to put on their feet.

Of course,with the coming of rubber boots, the time was up for seal skin footwear.

Men hur är dom att gå i, det undrar man?
Ja sköna men man behöver stoppa in en tjock innersula för att det inte ska bli för tunt och obekvämt. Man snör förstås med skoband så att dom sitter på ordentligt, för utomhusbruk. Kan bli halt under förstås ifall man inte klistrar på en gummisula. (Jag har ju knappt hunnit använda mina)
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