Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lindberg revisited - Plastic design

As I was staying at a nearby hotel, I had a couple of hours free so I could not resist seeing the Stig Lindberg exhibition at Nationalmuseum again (see September 30 entry).

This time I watched the 3 short movies that were run continuously. One of them, "Industry visit" from Swedish television on April 25 1957 was an interview with Lindberg. He talked about Gustavsberg as a creative place. At this factory, plastic was an important industrial material so it was natural also for the ceramics designers to work with it and create beatiful and functional every-day things. (They did not themselves talk about beauty, only of "smartness".)

Lindberg became one of the pioneers for design in plastic. One example was the thermos "Termic" which was produced from 1957 until 1975! It was found in most Swedish homes over 2 generations.

You are definitely the most devoted Lindberg-fan there is! Plastic, textile or ceramics. You have also received one of the most repulsive spams I´ve seen so far.
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