Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Russian to remember

Jevgenij Zamjatin is an early 20th century Russian author who deserves a better fate than to be forgotten. Therefore it is excellent that one of his short novels, "The story about the most important", recently has been translated to Swedish and published by the small editorial Ruin.

I have already mentioned the science fiction novel We by Zamjatin (November 22 entry). This is an amazing work in many aspects. We are now presenting some more of his writing from the insect perspective, and in particular the new book which has a central insect theme.

Just like Jan Larri (see June 14 entry) he was bold enough to write to Stalin. Writing without restraining himself, and publishing We abroad, he ended up accused of being counter-revolutionary, although he had long been a devoted communist. Surprisingly he survived and was allowed to emigrate.

Read more in part 26 of the Literature history of insects in
the recent issue of Natur i Norr! (In Swedish)

Drawing by Juri Annenkov 1921

OK. Sounds like one would have to give it a go, one of these days.
Fine - read the literature history - and then start with The Dragon - in case you dont like science fiction!
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