Saturday, February 03, 2007

Chol-Chol February 2001

We got off the bus in this little sleepy town, coming from Temuco, the cultural capital of the Mapuches. Our guidebook mentioned a museum in this town but no-one we asked had heard about it.

At last we found the modest local museum right across the street when we returned to the bus stop. There the traditional ways and handicrafts of the Mapuches were shown, and a ruca, a traditional sedge-house, was re-created.

I found your intriguing (and lovely) blog while googling "Laestadius." Please visit my blog at and grace us with your learned perspective on this fascinating man.
Hallå där vart har du dragit iväg? Låter himla trevligt, långt från snö och slask.
Hello free2bme
I find it fascinating that there is an international dialogue in the blogosphere about Laestadianism. I guess it just shows my ignorance about this movement and how widespread it is in North America.

My blog comments have been about Lars Levi's brother Petrus who never took the radical religious position of his brother and stayed loyal to the State Church as missionary and priest. Still, being somewhat of a social revolutionary, he was controversial and never got a good position. He died poor and too young.
Hej Häxan
OBS att det står 2001! Tyvärr har jag inte varit i Chile sedan dess utan är kvar i -20 grader i Norrländsk vinter....
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